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The Ultimate in roof top storage
- BP0.9


Today's 4wd's have many storage options available for all the smaller bits & pieces we need on that trip, but nothin really caters for the big, bulky, lightweight items in the travel kit such as- tents, swags, beeding, tables, chairs, clothes, bags, ect.

The best & safest way is to store all this kit above on a roof rack, safe, dry and dust free inside an MSA 4x4 Tourer Pack or Basket Bag. It will free up so much space in the vehicle to make your travels that much more comfortable and safe - no more jamming the pillows & blankets in around the kids!

MSA 4x4 Tourer Packs and Basket Bags are extremely easy to use with a fully attached seat-belt harness system and a YKK chunky zip with double metal sliders on three sides. Just open the back of the pack, shove it in, push it forward, zip it up and tension it down. You're done packing and you're off!



The MSA Basket pack is 100% breathable 150z polyester/cotton canvas, impregnated with dypont teflon repel, (Polyester for the strength to last in the elements, Cotton for the waterproof and breathability and Dupont Teflon Repel foran extra tough water repellent barrier). Once you have waterproofed your bag, water will just bead and run off! YKK chunky Zip on three sides with double, lockable, metal sliders. 50mm Velcro style dust seal covers the zip 100% (zip + dust = not good!)
  • Fully attached 50mm seat belt harness system, side to side and front to back to secure the load, this will prevent the front of the bag from lifting and the load shifting on our harsh country roads. Extra 50mm Velcro style tie downs at the front corners of the bag to prevent bag lift. 
    Anti-flappers on all the harness straps. 2mm laminated PVC and canvas base, this can handle ahiding from tables and chairs, you try to rip it! 
    Removable extra rain, dust and scrub cover, gives you that extra security and protection for when the elements get extremely tough!
    You don't always need to use it but it's nice to have it there if you need to. Supplied with a separate storage bag.
  • Guaranteed not to break down in our harsh Australiansun or the freezing cold.

Model Number BP0.9
RPP $ 368.00
Width (cm) 90
Length (cm) 90
Height (cm)  30

Prior to using your tourer pack you must thoroughly wet, then dry the canvas section of the three (3) times.
Failture to do this may result in water penetrating the bag.




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